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Fashion student Scarlett reaches final of Royal Opera House Design Challenge

Eighteen year old student Scarlett Kent has been congratulated after being picked to represent New City College at the Royal Opera House Design Challenge this year.

Scarlett, who is studying Fashion at the Ardleigh Green campus, was chosen over other students for her recent piece due to its lavish design and unique look.

Scarlett pictured with her extravagant design. Photo Credit: New City College Website

The assignment included creating a piece that represented a character of their choice from Benjamin Britton’s opera Peter Grimes. Styled after the character “The Niece”, Scarlett’s design used a black and red colour scheme with extravagant attachments on the shoulders. It gained attention from the judges after having many positive comments.

Majida Burch, co-founder of Brennan and Burch, has over 20 years of experience and an education from the London College of Fashion, Majida has extensive knowledge of the fashion industry.

She explains: “Scarlett had really thought about the material and the practicality – How the performer would need to change into the outfit. It is technically very well executed and I am amazed that she has only been sewing since coming to college!”

The Royal Opera House Design Challenge is an annual competition aimed at the younger generations to support experience in practical work with designing and making sets and costumes. The project is in place to help the learning process to transition from an educational setting to a professional one. There are three levels of competitions; Primary, Secondary and Further/Higher Education all of which aim at different age groups.

If you would like to participate in or learn more about the Design Challenge offered by The Royal Opera House you can do so by clicking here.

The Final Design Challenge results will be announced on Friday, April 22. We all wish Scarlett the best of luck.

Update: Scarlett was announced to have won the award! Congratulations!

Article written and edited by Siobhan Lansdowne