About Me

I am a young aspiring journalist using this platform to create a suitable portfolio to display to future employers. As a recent BA graduate my purpose is to use this site to produce content that will highlight the skills I have learnt through my training. 

I have a keen interest in many subjects such as politics, crime, music, books and media among others. I am also very interested in learning new things and expanding my knowledge. 

Who I am

 I am an ambitious young adult trying to start a career in Journalism. I have clear goals and aspirations and here is where you will see my work develop as I produce content of a wide variety for all readers.

I enjoy writing about anything and everything that catches my interest. I hope it catches yours too!

Thanks for reading, 

Siobhan x

Contact Me

My inbox is always open, you can contact me with the contact form here or with the details below:

Email: siobhanlansdowne311@gmail.com

Phone: 07377697059